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Your step-by-step guide to taking back control of your internal world

You want to be free.

Free from the darkness that covers your mind with anxiety, that consumes you with negative emotions, that weighs you down with shame that screams, “Why can’t I control my thoughts and feelings?”

You might even think the peace of mind Jesus promised is a total lie –  it’s not what you’re experiencing at all right now. But what you’re going through isn’t permanent and it’s not your fault.

We know asking for help is hard, but what’s even harder is not getting any when you’re feeling trapped, hopeless and certain that nothing will ever change.

The reality is, we all need help navigating healing and forgiveness, healthy relationships and emotions, spiritual attacks and fears, mental health concerns and behaviours - you name it. There’s so much anxiety, fear and shame that can overwhelm and influence our lives that accumulates over time to contribute to the reality we’re living day in and day out but it doesn’t have to be this way.

You were meant to be free in every single way!

Experience More Joy

As calm returns to your internal world, there will be room for joy

Take Control of Your Moods

You will no longer be the slave of your moods

Break Destructive Habits

You won’t need those habits when you’re back in control.

The membership has EXCEEDED my expectations!!!! I have enjoyed the interaction from both of you !! You both provide a GRACE filled perspective that exudes joy!!! ~ Christy D. | Alberta 

The course is so positive. You make sense of jumbled thoughts and confusing issues we all face from time to time. The money I spend on the Free Your Mind program is probably the best money I have ever spent.
~Joyce F. Calgary AB
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Through weekly 15-minute instructional videos, 30-minute monthly live Q+A’s with Dr. Grant and Kathy Mullen, an online community forum and 24-hour access to our entire video library, you can work at your own speed, anytime, from anywhere in the world, to begin the life-changing transformation you’ve been looking for. You will learn how to be transformed by renewing your mind and taking every thought captive.
With Free Your Mind Premium, you can work with Dr. Mullen personally, 1:1, to reach your goals even faster.

Our program begins with three parts:


Learn to identify the mental, emotional and spiritual obstacles to personal freedom.


Find out everything a Christian needs to know about depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder.


Learn how to unload emotional baggage, receive healing from past hurts and successfully engage in spiritual warfare.

Just knowing that a Christian doctor understands  what I am going through and that I am not alone in my journey to freeing my mind has helped me. The sound medical advice and Christian based teaching and prayers from an obviously caring couple are helping me to free my mind of the depression, anxiety and fear that I have been living with most of my life.
~Cynthia F. Chambly, QC 

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  • Anger - Taming Your Wild Side
    Would you like to calm the storm inside and bring the anger under control? This series is designed to give you a supernatural, healing encounter with the power of God to transform your life.
    Running Time:  
  • Burnout - Rekindle The Flame
    In this presentation you will learn the many causes and signs of burnout. You will also discover the steps to recover from burnout and prevent it from happening again.
    Running Time:  
  • Controlling Relationships
    With these videos you will learn how to recognize when domination, manipulation and control are infiltrating a relationship and how to break free.
    Running Time:  
  • Depression - The Path To Recovery
    You will learn how to use the simple diagnostic tools that I designed for the early detection and treatment of depression and other mood disorders.
    Running Time:  
  • Fear - When Trust Is Lost
    This video will guide you through a self evaluation and at the end you can join me in healing prayers to Change how you think and free you from fear.
    Running Time:  
  • Finding Self Acceptance
    In this video you will uncover the lies that you’ve been believing since childhood that have caused you to reject yourself.
    Running Time:  
  • Forgiveness - The Gateway to Freedom
    In this video, Kathy Mullen will lead you through the gateway of forgiveness into a new life of freedom. She will help you Change how you think about past hurts that will set you free.
    Running Time:  
  • Freedom from Codependency
    In this video you will learn how to tell if you’re codependent and then how God wants to set you free from unhealthy, taking, codependent relationships.
    Running Time:  
  • Freedom Now!
    In this video you will hear how I was unexpectedly thrown into a spiritual battle. You will learn how to use your spiritual authority to Change how you think.
    Running Time:  
  • God Speaks!
    In this five part video series, you will learn the ways God speaks, how to recognize his voice and how to test what you’ve heard to know if it really was from God.
    Running Time:  
  • Healing - A Physician's View
    Healing miracles were an essential part of Jesus’ ministry. He expects Christians like you, to continue this work of releasing healing to those who need it. In this video you will learn that miracles still happen today.
    Running Time:  
  • Moods
    In this video you will find the answers that remove all the mystery and confusion about mood disorders. You will be given the tools to tell if you or a loved one is suffering from depression, anxiety or mood swings and then know what to do about it.
    Running Time:  
  • Our Will - A Testimony of Healing
    In this video, Kathy explains how our marriage slid into a crisis and how through the healing of her will, our marriage was restored.
    Running Time:  
  • Overcoming Rejection
    In this video you will learn how to heal the root causes of rejection and remove the lies that keep you feeling rejected to this day.
    Running Time:  
  • Shame - Our Hidden Torment
    In this video you will learn how shame begins and how to hand it all over to Jesus. You will be a different person and feel so much lighter!
    Running Time:  
  • Starting Your Journey to Recovery
    By following this guide, your new behaviors will just emerge naturally because you are feeling so much better. Using these three steps, I’ve helped hundreds of people discover a new life they never thought was possible.
    Running Time:  
  • The Power of Words
    In this video, you will learn how to break free of curses and become an active player in the spiritual war that we are all in.
    Running Time:  
  • You Have Authority
    Imagine the difference it will make in your life when you no longer have to put up with the accusations, discouragement and intimidation of Satan.
    Running Time:  

Some of the topics we will cover include:

  • The 3 keys to Free Your Mind
    • Why are our emotions so important?
    • Do I have emotional baggage?
    • Why do we hang onto our baggage?
    • What are the obstacles to personal transformation?
    • How to empty your emotional baggage
  • Your Moods Matter
    • Why are Christians confused about mentall health problems?
    • What are mood disorders, what causes them and how common are they?
    • Do I have depression or discouragement?
    • Five important times when depression can disrupt your life
    • Why do I feel so far from God when I'm depressed?
    • How Satan attacks your mind
    • What is the treatment for mood disorders?
    • Why do Christian commit suicide?
  • How to get unstuck and make progress
  • Conquering Anger
    • Why do I get angry?
    • Why did God give us anger?
    • What ways do we express anger?
    • Why is anger so dangerous?
    • How can anger be controlled?
    • How can we prevent anger?
      The power of forgiveness
  • How to hear God's voice for yourself
    • God is speaking to you all the time
    • How to be in God's presence
    • How God speaks
    • What makes it hard to hear God's voice
    • How to recognize God's voice
  • Overcoming Fear, Worry and Anxiety

  • Don't let your dreams die

  • The power of a Godly imagination
  • The Power of Forgiveness
  • Breaking free from Shame
  • Overcoming Rejection and learning to Accept Yourself
  • How to end Relationship Codependency
  • Breaking free from Controlling Relationships
  • How to Know and Use Your Spiritual Authority
  • How to break curses and release blessings
  • How to pray for physical healing
  • Healing from Trauma
I love what I'm learning so far! The most valuable thing I learned is that transformation is possible, and that God wants this for me! I am supported and that means the world! ~Tricia M. Brantford ON 

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Dr. Mullen began his career as an anesthetist. Situated out of a small Ontario hospital, he also acted as a family doctor in the afternoons. It was through his general practice that he began to recognize that so many of his patients were struggling with their thoughts and moods, and as a result were struggling with their personal relationships. These problems captivated Dr. Mullen and fueled his interest in mental health.

Dr. Mullen gave up his other professional activities and opened a Mood Disorder Clinic. After helping people through his clinic for 25 years he, along with his wife Kathy, now take their expertise on the road internationally, teaching people like yourself how to change the way they think.

Dr. Grant Mullen has also written several books on the topic of mental well-being as well as creating many training videos designed to help you Free Your Mind.

If you’re tired of thinking, feeling and acting the way you’ve been and you’re ready for a renewed mind and a new way of living, then Free Your Mind is for you. This program is designed for those who want to see big improvements in their lives and are willing to put the necessary effort into the steps to personal transformation. It is not for those who want instant results or want us to do the work for them. 

With Free Your Mind Premium, you can work with Dr. Mullen personally, 1:1, to reach your goals even faster.

Now’s the time to start imagining what your life will look like when you have healthier thoughts, feelings, habits and reactions. You'll have a better marriage, relationships, career and walk with God. Don't stay stuck! This time next year do you want to be struggling with all the same things?

Here's what people are saying about Free Your Mind:

"It's wonderful to be part of a family here, that understands & accepts me. I expect to learn and grow more in my walk with God. Thank you Grant & Kathy for doing this course!"

Carol W. | Arthur ON 

"Grant and Kathy are down-to-earth, approachable, authentic Christians with good humour. I appreciate that complex mental health concepts are clearly presented often with Biblical references and personal application."

Eugene M. | Steward Valley SK 

"Your course is definitely a blessing and thank you both for giving people a sense of peace."

Amanda L. | Oshawa ON

Thank you so much for your wise teachings. I have learned so much spiritually and about myself. I have been greatly blessed.

Robin B. Huntsville ON

"I am really enjoying this series and look forward to the coming months. I love the way you believe in the supernatural in a way that is accessible to the average Christian. It gives believers the knowledge and tools to walk into more abundant life in Christ."

Lynda R. | Perth ON

Thank you for the Free Your Mind program. I have learnt and applied a great deal from the lessons taken so far. My life has been greatly enriched and my mind is experiencing much peace.

Naomi M. Vancouver B.C.

"Thank you Grant and Kathy for this Free Your Mind course, and your personal encouragement along the way! I have been involved with prayer ministries for over 20 years, and now see some of the lies satan has been so easily able to convince me were true. The information you are sharing is life changing and revealing the Truth to me!"

Lisa Richardson | Colorado, USA 

This course is invaluable, thank you Grant and Kathy, I'm so grateful for what you have provided.

Joanne H. California

"I am really really really enjoying learning so much from your courses, they have helped me so much! It is a God given course for me! I have put into action the 911 prayer, which has been very helpful with my worries!"

Maureen M. | Parkhill, ON

"I have struggled with anxiety, panic attacks and depression. As I have begun this course with Grant and Kathy, some very small changes have started to take place. One being I am reading, a small chapter or two a day, but none the less reading! These small improvements are HUGE to the quality of my life. I know little by little it has to do with the wisdom and guidance found in this course."

C.D. | Alberta

Your wholistic approach of addressing worry, fear and anxiety emanating from the body(chemical imbalance), spirit (Satanic Harassment) and soul (Emotional bondage/wounds) is very insightful for me.  This understanding has revolutionized my life. I finally found the lost me!! Thank you Dr. Grant and Kathy!! Thank you Lord Jesus forever!!

Daniel M. Edmonton AB

"I love what I'm learning so far! The most valuable thing I learned is that transformation is possible, and that God wants this for me! I am supported and that means the world!"

Tricia M. | Brantford ON 

"I’ve received so much from these courses. Thanks for being so exceptional. "

Lola J. | Mississauga, ON 

The material in Free Your Mind is so rich. I appreciate all the work you and Kathy do to present quality material that is designed to lead us into freedom and wholeness as believers in Jesus Christ.  Each sentence you speak carries with it a nugget of truth to increase our understanding and to guide us in taking steps to greater healing. I feel like I could listen to a lesson over and over again and still miss things that would be helpful.

Lynda R. Perth ON

The most valuable part of Free Your Mind for me has been getting back in touch with my Heavenly Father again on a more in-depth and intimate level again! The membership has more than met my expectations.

Kathie S. Edmonton AB

"Just knowing that a Christian doctor understands what I am going through and that I am not alone in my journey to freeing my mind has helped me. The sound medical advice and Christian based teaching and prayers from an obviously caring couple are helping me to free my mind of the depression, anxiety and fear that I have been living with most of my life."

Cynthia F. | Chambly, QC 

"The membership has EXCEEDED my expectations!!!! I have enjoyed the interaction from both of you !! You both provide a GRACE filled perspective that exudes joy!!!"

Christy D. | Alberta

I am so glad you started the Free your Mind program because there are so many questions that I have had for years, that I could not ask anybody and throughout the course the answers came through for me. You address internal issues like shame, rejection, broken dreams and broken will and different reasons for depression. It helped me navigate and understand what the answers are for the stresses in my life. I also love your many resources that I have read over the years and that have changed my life. Thanks so much Kathy and Grant

Wilma H. Kelowna, BC

"I have been enjoying the program. I feel like I have support, I'm not alone."

Sharon H. | London ON

"I got to enjoy this visual experience with Jesus because of the reclaiming of my imagination for holy purpose from the prayers in the Free Your Mind, God Speaks lesson."

Shelly M. | Grande Prairie AB

"The "Free Your Mind" series has been an eye opener and an excellent faith enhancement building tool. I sincerely thank you and Kathy for running the courses & providing other inspiring videos. "

Pauline L. | Toronto, Ontario 

The Lord has been gracious to me in changing and healing me through some of the lessons. He opens my eyes to discover and shed some of the baggage I had been carrying and to reject the lies the enemy put in my mind for the last almost 8 decades!! The lessons on overcoming fear, worry and anxiety are very helpful. Yes, I strongly recommend the program.

Naomi M. Vancouver B.C.

Free Your Mind is clearing up a lot of the misconceptions concerning fear, worry and anxiety and is thankfully providing hope and truth for anyone who needs it! Grant and Kathy’s unique sense of humour and cartoons lighten things up and cause laughter, where you wouldn’t necessarily expect to find it among such “dark” topics! And all this for less than a cup of coffee a day!

Barbara M. Swift Current SK

"I think the program is absolutely wonderful and have appreciated the monthly live Q&A with you both immensely!"

Adele | Vancouver, B.C. 

Free Your Mind is a supportive and informative aid to wholeness with mental health issues. Grant and Kathy are Jesus’ personal front line workers, inviting people to dip into the healing pool of Bethesda. If you find yourself feeling alone, unsure and very low, I highly highly recommend this monthly course as a pathway to healing and wholeness.

Christy D. Leduc AB

This is a wonderful program to walk you through so many possible obstacles to knowing who you are in Christ. It’s not just about gaining knowledge and understanding (although that does help) but about learning how to commune with our loving Heavenly Father who longs for us to know him, and desires that we find healing and freedom in him.

L.R. | Ontario

"The program has helped me fine tune my ear to God's voice of encouragement, acceptance and guidance. It’s opened my eyes to negative thought patterns I have grown accustomed to."

Evangeline W. | Almonte, ON 

The program helps me a lot.  I am now able to trust Daddy God and express my real feelings with him. It seems that after I talk to him about how I feel, I can hear him much better. He told me if I reject or deny my feelings, I simply reject myself. Now I know God accepts me and my emotional needs matter to him.

Joy G. Thailand

"I was delighted to discover that Dr. Grant and Kathy teach the three-pronged approach to healing - spiritual, emotional (counselling) and physical (including meds, if necessary) - and that they really "get it" when it comes to Christians and mental health. Having Grant and Kathy come into our lives is an answer to prayer."

Linda P. | Ilderton, ON 

I really love Free Your Mind. It is a gift from God to Christians and helps me so much. All the teaching is very informative and easy to understand and apply in my life. I am now more aware of the chemical unbalance in our brains, that medication is needed for that together with healing of our soul and deliverance. I recommend this program to all who struggle with moods and also to my pastor, so he can know what to say to people who are struggling.

Tina F. Denmark

"By the end of the first course, The Three Keys to Free Your Mind, I felt different. Something heavy lifted off me, it was such an unexpected treat. The true feeling now is FREEDOM! Thank you Jesus! You Mullens are onto something here. "

M.M. | Ottawa, Ontario

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You will receive weekly instructional videos with brief application assignments or quizzes.

Here are some of the topics we'll be covering:

  • The 3 keys to Free Your Mind
  • Your Moods Matter
  • How to get unstuck
  • How to hear God's voice for yourself
  • Overcoming Fear, Worry and Anxiety
  • The Power of Forgiveness
  • Breaking free from Shame
  • Overcoming Rejection and learning to Accept Yourself
  • Conquering Anger
  • How to end Relationship Codependency.
  • Breaking free from Controlling Relationships
  • How to Know and Use Your Spiritual Authority
  • How to break curses and release blessings
  • How to pray for physical healing

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