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Your step-by-step guide to taking back control of your internal world

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As calm returns to your internal world, there will be room for joy

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You want to be free.

Free from the darkness that covers your mind with anxiety, that consumes you with negative emotions, that weighs you down with shame that screams, “Why can’t I control my thoughts and feelings?”

You might even think the peace of mind Jesus promised is a total lie –  it’s not what you’re experiencing at all right now. But what you’re going through isn’t permanent and it’s not your fault.

We know asking for help is hard, but what’s even harder is not getting any when you’re feeling trapped, hopeless and certain that nothing will ever change.

The reality is, we all need help navigating healing and forgiveness, healthy relationships and emotions, spiritual attacks and fears, mental health concerns and behaviours - you name it. There’s so much anxiety, fear and shame that can overwhelm and influence our lives that accumulates over time to contribute to the reality we’re living day in and day out but it doesn’t have to be this way.

You were meant to be free in every single way!

Freedom is Closer Than You think

You Can Change

Through weekly 15-minute instructional videos, 30-minute monthly live Q+A’s with Dr. Grant and Kathy Mullen, an online community forum and 24-hour access to our entire video library, you can work at your own speed from anywhere in the world to begin the life-changing transformation you’ve been looking for. You will learn how to be transformed by renewing your mind and taking every thought captive.

Our program begins with three parts:


Learn to identify the mental, emotional and spiritual obstacles to personal freedom.


Find out everything a Christian needs to know about depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder.


Learn how to unload emotional baggage, receive healing from past hurts and successfully engage in spiritual warfare.

Free Your Mind is for those who want to see big improvements in their lives and are willing to put the necessary effort into the steps to personal transformation. It is not for those who want instant results or want us to do the work for them.

Now’s the time to start imagining what your life will look like when you have healthier thoughts, feelings, habits and reactions, and start experiencing what your marriage, relationships, career and walk with God will feel like.

We can help you reach that dream!

Dr. Mullen began his career as an anesthetist. Situated out of a small Ontario hospital, he also acted as a family doctor in the afternoons. It was through his general practice that he began to recognize that so many of his patients were struggling with their thoughts and moods, and as a result were struggling with their personal relationships. These problems captivated Dr. Mullen and fueled his interest in mental health.

Dr. Mullen gave up his other professional activities and opened a Mood Disorder Clinic. After helping people through his clinic for 25 years he, along with his wife Kathy, now take their expertise on the road internationally, teaching people like yourself how to change the way they think.

Dr Grant Mullen has also written several books on the topic of mental well-being as well as creating many training videos designed to help you Free Your Mind.

What are you waiting for?

Free Your Mind is available NOW for only $39.99/mo. This is a tiny fraction of what it would cost to cover the same topics through months of personal counselling at my rate of $200/hr. 
This low rate is guaranteed for as long as you’re enrolled. If you aren’t satisfied with the program within the first 30 days, you will get a complete refund of your first month, no questions asked.



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You will receive weekly instructional videos with brief application assignments or quizzes.

Monthly we will be available for a live online Q&A which will replace the video for that week.

You will have access to an online community forum where you can leave questions and comments about any of our topics.

You will have streaming access to our entire existing library of DVD videos.

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